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  • Used by professional athletes such as Patrick Mahomes, Jon Rahm, Justin Verlander, Giancarlo Stanton, Damian Lillard, and more. Proteus is the ultimate rotational and core strength training and assessment tool.

  • Proteus® Motion’s patented technology is the only way to measure strength and power for 100% of human movements for the first time ever.

  • Proteus 3D Resistance™ feels like moving through fluid, and the resistance stays uniquely constant no matter what direction or speed you move.

  • Provides 2X neuromuscular stimulation compared to cables and free weights. Strengthens throughout the entire movement pattern – beginning, middle and end of any movement – for maximum efficiency.

  • Perform two exercises in the time of one with concentric resistance in both directions during every repetition.

  • The heightened engagement of muscles prompts users to produce force from the ground up, and naturally adjust to discover their optimal movement patterns.

Example of Proteus output program
proteus 5.webp

Why use Proteus? 

Training & Insights

  • Proteus Motion offers Performance Testing, it will guide you through a set of pre determined exercises to get a complete full body assessment. 

  • After completing the assessment Proteus offers a full body breakdown of you power and acceleration numbers, muscle imbalances, training recommendations and more.

  • It will also stack you up and show where your strength and acceleration lands on the force velocity curve. It thens offers training tips to help you achieve max power. 

Athlete using the Proteus machine
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