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Take Your Game to The Next Level

Garage Total Sports Training has invested  in the latest sports performance technology to help create a space where we can develop athletes from all sports, all ages and all genders. Using the innovative technology we have the ability to test athletes within the force-velocity curve and speed-strength continuum to determine exactly what you need to work on. With over hundreds of data points we can create custom training packages to help you grow to the next level. 

Garage Total Sports Performance Lab



Proteus Motion:

  • Works on rotational and core strength. Also gives full body assessment to show power and acceleration through every muscle group. Also shows imbalances in strong. Great for all athletes especially rotational athletes; baseball, golf, tennis, football, basketball and more. 

Dashr Laser System:

  • Laser timing gets to get the most accurate sprinting time. Used for 40-yard dashes, 60-yard dashes, home to first and 5 x 10 x 5 agility tests.​

Hawkin Dynamics

Force Plates:

  • Plates used to measure force production, jump height, and how quick you can produce max force. 

  • These plates are good to measure lower body strength in all athletes.

  • Can help during recovery from lower body injuries to show force production pre injury then post injury. 

Reflexion Edge

  • Cognitive training with over 9 drills and a RS21 score for:

    • Eye-hand coordination​

    • Inhibition

    • Reaction Time

    • Tracking

    • Prioritzation


  • The Trackman is the most accurate device used to track ball velocity, speed and spin.

  • It uses sonar and radar technology to create a 3D model of the baseball. 

  • See Trackman Page for all the data it measures.

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